1. Re-connected oxbow and adjacent sockeye spawning  ramp constructed in the  Nemes channelized reach of the Okanagan River, a northern branch of the Columbia River

2. Meandering channel constructed to align with highway bridge  and restore rainbow trout habitat, N Pine River MB


3. Rock riffles and pools added to Mink Creek canal, a typical channelized land drainage stream. Riffles restored walleye spawning and pools allowed fry to  return to Lake Dauphin MB after the Spring freshet.

5. Pool and riffle fishway up the side of the Rapid City water supply dam, Little Saskatchewan River MB

6. Demonstration reach replacing a concrete trapezoidal channel in downtown Penticton BC

Stream Analysis and

Fish Habitat Design

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Stream exploration methods, hydraulic theory and project examples for 20 or so projects undertaken between 1978 and 2016 in Canadian coastal and inland rivers and streams are summarized in Stream Restoration Hydraulics (2016).

Four introductory chapters introduce basic concepts in river morphology, open channel hydraulics, local hydraulic calculations and habitats in meanders, pools, runs and riffles. The final three chapters present typical restoration projects in pool and riffle streams, wandering meanders and fish passage solutions for a variety of insect and fish habitats.


The casebook may be free downloaded in two parts:


Part 1: Theory (Chapters 1 to 4):                THEORY

Part 2: Applications: (Chapters 5 to 7):               APPLICATIONS              

There are often queries about an early stream restoration manual Stream Analysis and Fish Habitat Design prepared for Manitoba Fisheries (1992). Marc Gaboury's section on fish behaviour and habitats is often cited. It may be downloaded directly.


Robert Newbury PEng  (Manitoba BSc 1962, MSc CE 1964,

PhD Johns Hopkins  Env Eng Science 1968

Lake Country, BC   Canada  V4V 2J7  


email:  newhyd@telus.net                                              

Ex DFO Research Scientist (Freshwater Institute)  recalled by Parks Canada for the design and restoration of Cascade Creek after the 2013 devastating flood.

 TransCanada Highway Reach reconstructed                               Picnic Grounds Reach new meandering pool and riffle channel              

Fish passage lock block wall to prevent non-native species from entering stream

                                                                                                                                               August 24 2019